Owning a home is a fundamental importance for most of Malaysians. Homeownership has always been one of the concerns amongst the young generation entering adulthood. The increasing trend of home prices may be beyond reach for many Malaysians, especially the young people who are just entering the work force with their existing commitments and expenses. The aim of this study is to identify the earliest possible age of homeownership amongst Generation Y in Malaysia. In order to achieve the research aim, findings for this research to be established are as follows; to examine the housing preference of Generation Y homeownership; to identify the location of property of Generation Y homeownership; and to determine the housing price affordable to Generation Y. The secondary data of residential property transactions in Selangor, Malaysia are used in order to achieve the aim and objectives. The findings of this research are the housing preference for the Generation Y in Selangor and the most preferred location of Generation Y homeownership. The research indicates that the housing price affordable to the Generation Y in Selangor is RM250,000., and for landed property is RM400,000.