It is both with pride and pleasure that we present The Book of Abstracts for the 23rd Annual Conference of the European Real Estate Society. With the support of many colleagues throughout the world, and several institutions which promoted the conference, the ERES 2016 Call for Papers resulted in 346 submissions, of which finally 270 will be presented in Regensburg. This represents the work of 556 authors from the 51 countries.

As usual, a broad set of real-estate-
conference. With 101 (32%) submissions, Economics and Housing is the most dominant field of research, followed by Investment and Finance with 79 (25%) abstracts. Other topics include Corporate Real Estate, Ethics, Education, Development, Sustainability and many others. These submissions impressively reflect the diversity of the real estate scientific community and the associated research output. As a special feature of the ERES 2016, many papers focus on African Real Estate Research, resulting in four sessions dedicated solely to this topic.

We are confident that the ERES Annual conference will offer an ideal venue for discussing preliminary ideas, as well as for polishing mature papers, and is as suitable for first-year Ph.D. students, as for experienced researchers. We wish all participants lively discussions and a fruitful academic and social exchange!

We would like to honor the support of our university board and the great contribution of the local organizing committee, namely Sandra Mück- Kullmann, Jessica Ruscheinsky and Daniel Weber, as well as the conference team, which includes Christine Lang, Sebastian Schnejdar, René-Ojas Woltering and Bing Zhu. Special thanks go to Gunther Maier for providing the conference software.

Last but not least, we owe our sponsors a debt of gratitude for their generous contributions. Without their substantial financial support, this conference would not have been possible.