The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is becoming popular with specialised website where specific introductory courses or conceptual are offered to thousands of students at the same time. After some years, the correct design for a better followed MOOC is a relative short course, with very short lessons, capable to be followed in some minutes using devices like phones or tablets, available at any time in the day. The best Universities are developing MOOC’ courses in the most divers topics to be used by both their and worldwide students. However these advances, the face-to-face lectures are still very valued and competing with these technology way to teach, but students are more queen to follow a continuous process to learning based on using more time range than before. This presentation presents a proposal to integrate MOOCs in a traditional face-to-face lectures through a combine definition of the learning system. It applies to a subject, `’the economics of housing markets’ identifying when the MOOC gives a valuable contribution to the students’ learning process. One conclusion is that the MOOC have to be carefully defined and integrate with the teaching process in order to fit correctly in and help students to understand the subject and acquire the topic competences required.