A key role in the acquisition of commercial property investments in the UK and elsewhere is provided by the investment agent, acting in the capacity of a broker, adviser and negotiator on behalf of buyers and investors. The most common fee basis sought by an introducing agent is on the basis of a percentage (typically 1%) of the agreed purchase price in the event of a successful acquisition. The study comprises the following: 1. A critical appraisal of the system by which investments are ëintroducedí to prospective buyers. 2. An identification of the characteristics of investment agency advisory models and structures and their impact on agent-principal relationships. 3. A consideration of the ethical issues associated with provision of investment advice and recommendations for purchase delivered by investment agents inside and outside of RICS Red Book Guidelines. //The research has the following objectives: 1. Investigate the advantages and disadvantages associated with the different forms of investment agency advice relating to commercial property acquisitions. 2. Determine whether any new developments in the industry have resulted in evolution and adaptation of the nature of investment agency advice provided. 3. Consider whether any improvements could be made to investment agency practice in relation to acquisitions