This project focuses on the location decision of office establishments for finance, insurance and real estate (FIRE) industries and some other service industries (legal, accounting and consulting activities) within the Œle-de-France region for the 2006 year. More precisely, the research focuses on the impact of the real estate components in the location decisions in Paris business districts for headquarters of the above mentioned sectors. The office rents level as well as others real estate charges or taxes may have a deep influence on the specific location of headquarters or other office establishments. The project statistical purpose is to study the geographical distribution at the local unit level for the FIRE industries as well as the other service industries (legal, accounting and consulting activities) and to measure the impact of the spatial distribution of office rents level in Paris. Based on office rents level and evolution since 1997, we produced rent index estimates for specific locations, with a focus on Paris central business district, La DÈfense and the western business district in the Œle-de-France region. On another hand, we used financial data of firms (mostly EBIT margin) to examine on what extent the real estate components weights on these financials and may have an influence on the location decision of firms. This research may indicate whether companies of these sectors can financially support to relocate their headquarters in expensive business districts of Paris.