Employees’ satisfaction in jobs is one crucial factor for successful corporation. They have higher level of loyal and are less likely to leave their jobs. This study focused on workplace environmental perception at green office buildings toward environmental factors including perceived indoor air quality, thermal, visual and acoustic.

Completed data were collected from 286 employee working at green office building in Bangkok. Questionaire were direct distributed at Park Venture, AIA Capital Center and Sathorn Square and via Google Docs during February 7 – 20, 2016. Results derived from exploratory factor analysis and multiple regression analyse showed significant positive relation between perceived indoor air, thermal, acoustic and visual and job satisfaction.

Working in good environmental conditions or in certified green office buildings affect employee job satisfaction. Company owners who are concerned with employees’ job satisfaction pay more attention to the perception in indoor air, thermal, acoustic and visual. These environmental factors to contribute to employees’ satisfaction. Investors for new office building or major renovations should choose green designs that are suitable for working condition. Better green office buildings should also attract office rates. Better human capital management shall lead to better compete abilities in the marketplace.