Purpose: This paper advances the concept of meta-Corporate Real Estate Management (metaCREM) as an adjunct to existing knowledge work in the field. It argues for its existence and relevance, and suggests a number of areas where research with such a focus could occur to advance knowledge in the field.

Method: The method is what might be called a 'reflective argument' based on the authors’ lengthy engagement in the field and their recent metatheoretical work on CREM.

Findings: MetaCREM is identified together with multiple meta-objects that are forms of meta-work applicable to metaCREM. This established that meta-work already occurs in CREM. A landscape of potential areas for research was identified that encompassed existing work and potential areas of future endeavour.

Implications: The paper's implications are largely for theory and theorisation. Relevance to practice is secondary through potential improvements to theorisation of problems that may flow on to practice.