This paper examines the strategic implications for the future of real estate services (RES) of the creation of global real estate service brands as a result of a long-standing process of internationalisation in this sector. This process has had two distinct phases; an initial period of consolidation from 1997 which resulted in the evolution of embryonic global service delivery platforms and a second phase of consolidation post the global financial crises where the creation of truly global brands was a key driving force. The analysis examines how a strong brand image has created new intangible assets for the sectors principal global delivery platforms and thus has altered the competitive landscape in the sector on a number of levels. It also considers brand image as a proxy for service quality and reputation and how branding in the sector has displaced the role of professional bodies and affiliations as badges of service quality. It concludes with an assessment of the prospects for further consolidation in the sector creating fewer but potentially stronger global brands.