The aim of the contribution was to analyse the development of shopping centres in Slovakia with the main focus on Bratislava in relation to the localization, structure, supply of premises, capabilities of shopping centres. The study analyses the system of shopping centres, its influence, importance and impact on their surroundings. This contribution is also dealing with retail function as such and with its wide relation with another functions and its position within the city as such.

The contribution in its analytical part is predominantly focused on bigger retail schemes within the city and their influence on the city life in various aspects in spatial planning frame. Conceptual part solves two various concepts of retail development in the city as well as special one which is dedicated to the development of new High Street scheme on lower scale. The contribution is not dealing only with physical structure as such but on the contrary reflects market standards as well as market situation.

Main outcomes from the contribution are related with analysis of development of shopping centres in Bratislava and also with new approach how to solve the spatial planning in terms of retail as the function as such is closely linked with the market and absolutely depends from participants on the market as well as participants on the market are depended on the spatial planning.