A shift in the provision and delivery of accompanying learning entities became recently apparent in the framework of real estate education. So far, scripts, syllabi etc., were delivered in printed form to the postgraduate students. Paper-based media have been serving for a long time and especially the feature of handwritten annotations by the students has to be highlighted. However, some shortcomings have been on the agenda as well, such as the issue of colour images. Also the handling had certain constraints in the timeline of delivery. Digital file distribution allows to delay to a certain extent the handover of materials from the lecturer to the students. On top of this the searchability of PDF-files is for example striking. Real estate students in the area of continuing education at Vienna University of Technology do since 2013 not receive any longer paper-based media. At the very beginning of a study course a tablet is handed over, which belongs to the student. By way of preinstalled apps for example annotations can be performed. On top of this coloured images are contained. All in all the ease-of-handling has to be highlighted as neither a tutorial is needed, nor the tablet requires perpetual maintenance. The iPads are connected to the existing Virtual Learning Environment and the delivery takes place via a standard internet browser. Though also smartphones could be connected, these screens are in general too small to support learning activities for a long time. It is expected that in 3-5 years tablets will be widely used by students already before the Start of their studies and therefore any commitment of the course provider in terms of hardware delivery will not be any longer required.