Purpose - The purpose of this research is to provide an analysis of the Nottingham Trent University's Property Management & Development department's sandwich placement scheme which provides students with the opportunity to undertake 12 months industry based work experience. The aim of the research is to determine the desirability of completing a sandwich placement in relation to the final degree classification achieved and graduate level employment secured. The department offers both a full time and a sandwich route to students studying on each of its undergraduate courses. This enables students to secure 12 months work experience in the property industry before returning to complete their final year and eventually graduate. Design & Methodology - The study comprises the following: 1. An analysis of the statistics relating to the proportions of each cohort that opt for the sandwich route over the last 3 academic years – 2010/11- 2012/13.2. A consideration of the nature of work and types of companies where sandwich placements are undertaken.3. A summary of the process developed by the University to oversee, promote, process and manage placements. Practical Implications - The research has the following objectives: 1. Determine whether there is a connection between the final mark and level of degree classification achieved by final year students and whether they studied via the sandwich or full time route.2. Analysis of employability levels of sandwich students upon graduation with reference to the nature of the eventual graduate job opportunity secured, compared to that of full time students.3. A consideration of other work experience options open to students.