In order to strive in the competitive market, organisations outsource not merely to reduce costs but also to achieve efficiency and focus on their core business. Outsourcing exists in different sector of the economy such as in manufacturing, transportation, construction, banking and healthcare. The practice of outsourcing is not only applied in the private sectors, the public sectors also practice outsourcing in order to enhance their performance. For example, NHS has been outsourcing their support services for more than two decades. Despite of the perceived benefits of outsourcing, there are circumstances whereby outsourcing contracts being terminated even before the end of the agreement. Most of the studies in outsourcing decision-making in the UK concentrate on the private sector especially in manufacturing. Therefore the study is based on the premise that there is paucity in the research concerning outsourcing decision making in the UK healthcare sector. A qualitative approach is proposed with a case study will be adopted as the research strategy. A semi-structured interview will be used as the main technique to collect the data.