After the last economic crisis (year 1997 ñ 2000), 200 out off 2000 real estate development companies in Thailand had been able to survive. Experiences and strategies for surviving from past downturns by these developers are worth learning, as well as their preparations for the current business recession phase. This research studies business strategies applied to survive through the last economic slump and also the strategies planned to survive through the current crisis (year 2008 and afterwards). The scope focuses on for-sale property development companies, both low-rise (single detached, duplex, and townhouse) and high-rise (condominium). The survey will be with real estate developers who are the members of the three main real estate societies: namely, the Thai Real Estate Associations, the Thai Housing Business, and the Thai Condominium Association. The research analysis will compare surviving strategies of property development companies with different sizes (sale volume), product type (low-rise and high-rise, and different business experiences (duration in the business). The comparison between strategies used in the past and present economic recessions will also be conducted. The results from this research are expected to be beneficial not only directly to real estate developers, but also to academics and related governmental staffs.