"Need of a society in experts of some field lays in a basis of any education. Detailed requirements to the educational qualification of any expert cannot be formulated without participation of professional community. It concerns also to RE education. The present report describes a situation in the field of RE education in the Republic of Belarus after an output of the review (N.Trifonov, 2002). Thus the role of professional participation and partnership at all stages of this process is emphasized. In Belarus the need in RE professionals has appeared with purchase of independence and occurrence of new market attitudes - in early 90s of the last century. It has been initiated by public organization of RE professionals, the Belarusian Real Estate Guild and originally carried out as a two-week course for RE agents on the base of re-training of high school graduate students was formed. Following stage was an introduction of RE formation in a system of higher education. It was expressed in occurrence of specialization ´real estate managementª within frames of a speciality ""economist-manager"" at two leading capital (Minsk) universities: the Belarusian State University and the Belarusian National Technical University. Within the frames of this speciality the staff for RE agencies, RE developers has prepared and, mainly, preparation of valuers was conducted. In the beginning of this century in the Belarusian National Technical University and the Brest State Technical University the speciality ´examination and management of the real estateª, also substantially focused on preparation of valuers has been opened. At last, since 2006 in the Belarusian National Technical University the speciality ""engineer-valuer"" has been opened. As the initiators of occurrence of these specialities the RE professionals have acted, first of all the Belarusian Society of Valuers, the BSV. Members of the BSV developed curricula and became the first teachers. And now leading disciplines on these specialities, first of all on valuation, are read by representatives of RE professional community. An introduction of accreditation of training disciplines by a public professional organization should be a logic continuation of this process. In the territory of the CIS countries such organization is the Council of Valuerí Associations of the CIS."