Property companies and REITs make a significant contribution to the global stockmarkets; currently accounting for £1.1 trillion in market capitalisation, with significant public information available for both property company and REITs. This has seen investors focus on these transparent property companies/REITs, both in property securities funds and in mixed mandates with unlisted funds. As part of the London Stock Exchange, the AIM stockmarket was established in 1995 and has developed into the worldís leading stockmarket for smaller, growth companies for both UK and international companies. At September 2007, the AIM stockmarket accounted for over 1600 companies with a total market capitalisation of over £90 billion. Property companies are included on the AIM stockmarket; being less transparent than other listed property companies/REITs on the London Stock Exchange. Thepurpose of this paper is to assess the significance of the property sector on the AIM st ockmarket, with a risk-adjusted performance analysis conducted over 2000-2008 to assess the performance of the AIM stockmarket compared to other major UK property markets.