This study examines housing price differences in urban areas having different life quality levels. To display changing housing price levels in those urban parts is defined as the first aim of the study. In relation with this, to put forth whether there is always linear and positive correlation between housing price levels and quality life levels of the area where housing unit locates is the second aim of the study. The case area of the study is Istanbul which is the most populated and has the highest economic and service production level in Turkey. The household questionnaire was done by Greater Istanbul Municipality in between 2005 and 2006 and average housing price values in Istanbul are the data sources. To determine the life quality levels in counties is the first step. After grouping variables under five main fraction such as social, economic, and built environment and accessibility and satisfaction from the public services, principal component analysis is utilized for getting life quality levels in counties. Due to empirical analysis results, 32 counties is ranked. As related to the mentioned aim, housing price levels in those ranked counties is discussed in detail. Is housing price level convenience with life quality level? does Increasing life quality level also mean increasing housing price level? Is there a possibility that lower life quality level areas have higher housing price levels or vice versa? Do housing price levels significantly differ in different life quality level areas? All those questions response are got by applying independent sample test.