An increasing aspect of education in New Zealand and Australia is the high cost of private school education and a trend for students to complete their secondary school education in high performing government high schools. While entry to some government high schools is selective and based on academic performance in primary school, there are a number of State schools that have gained popularity due to the studentsí results in public exams. These schools are zoned base, with only students living in those specified zones being able to attend that particular school. With the increasing trend for parents to enrol their children in the better schools, there have been numerous cases of false addresses being given for enrolment purposes, families buying or renting houses in specific areas to ensure they are in the correct zone for their childrenís high school education. This paper analyses the residential property markets in several school zone locations in Christchurch, where the High school is ranked as a top performing school and has a high enrolment demand. Property within and just outside these school zones are compared to determine the influence of high school boundaries on residential house prices.