Over the past years, there has been a growing attention of the business world and of the academic research for corporate real estate management. It has been notably pointed out that real estate is a significant but under managed part of total corporate assets and that it could be source of value for companies. This paper reports on the results of an original survey of corporate real estate executives belonging to the largest and the most active companies listed in the French Stock Exchange, those tracking in the CAC 40 Index. This index is comprised of the 40 largest stocks trading on Euronext Paris and is a subset of the larger SBF 250. The survey, carried out in 2004, is the first survey to be performed on corporate real estate management in France. The results of the survey provide a basic understanding of the corporate real estate management in major French companies. Furthermore, the research identifies some key factors which can explain the size, structure and strategy of corporate real estate units within these companies.