"Through history there has on a number of occasions arisen a demand for something more stable than the market value of a property. The most recent attempt is the concept Mortgage Lending Value, proposed by the European Mortgage Federation. This concept has been criticized in an article by Crosby, French and Oughton, and they argue that the concept is useless as it cannot be measured in any objective way. The reason is that the concept includes problematic terms like ""sustainable"", ""prudent"" and ""non-speculative aspects"". They propose that the concept of Market Worth should be used instead. In this paper it is argued that the concept market worth also is very problematic, as the valuer must judge what the price would be if the market were efficient. Instead it is argued that the current market value should be put in perspective by a more systematic presentation of information of the past development of the specific market. How has the value developed? How does the level of rents, yields and values compare to historical values? Presentation of this kind of information can reduce the risk of ""irrational exuberance"", and presenting this type of information is something that the valuer can do without having to know more about the future than ""the market""."