13:30-15:30 [Boecklsaal]

  • Welcome Speech [ERES Vice-President: Stephen Lee]
  • The Demand for and the Supply of Real Estate Education in Europe - A [Session chair: Gerjan Vos]
  • Taltavull de La Paz, Paloma and D'Arcy, Eamonn: The Evolving Real Estate Education Agenda - A Fifteen Year Retrospective
  • Azasu, Samuel and Hungria-Gunnelin, R.: The Potential Use of Assessment in Managing Diversity in Student Backgrounds - The Case of a Course in Real Estate Valuation
  • Mayrzedt, Hans: Further Education in Real Estate in Germany at the Example of MBA - International Real Estate Management Biberach-London-Zurich
  • Meulman, Mariette: Educating the Future;  Bringing Knowledge to the World

15:30-16:00 [near Boecklsaal]

  • Coffee Break

16:00-17:00 [Boecklsaal]

  • The Role of Accreditation in Real Estate Education [Session chair: Bob Martens]
  • Guadalajara, N.; Tyler, Steven; De la Poza, Elena; Fleming, A.: An Analysis of Real Estate Masters: The Case of UPV and NTU
  • Sahk, Kaarel; Sepp, Kalev and Torop, Peeter: The Role of Accreditation in Real Estate Education
  • Špirková, Daniela; Golej, Július; Ivanička, Koloman; Ďurechová Mária and Adamuščin, Andrej: The Concept of a Study Program for Spatial Planning and Real Estate Engineering at Slovak University of Technology

17:00-18:30 [Boecklsaal]

  • New Technologies and Applications to Real Estate Education [Session chair: Ramon Sotelo]
  • French, Nick and Lee, Stephen: The Readability of Academic Papers in the Journal of Property Investment and Finance
  • Khan, Osama S.M.: Collaborative Learning in Finance and Investment using Wiki
  • Nappi-Choulet, Ingrid: The Multimedia Case Study: An Example of Collaboration of Industry on Real Estate Education
  • Martens, Bob: Access for Students and Educators to ERES Topics Presented in a Digital Library

04.12.2009 - 20:00-22:00 [Nelsons]

  • Dinner


09:15-11:00 [Boecklsaal]

  • Best Practice in the Development of Real Estate Education Programmes [Session chair: Eamonn d'Arcy]
  • Carvalho, Joao Manuel: How Real Estate Education is perceived at an Architecture College - Built Environment or Asset Management?
  • Moeller-Kuipers, Frea: Best Practice in the Development of an International Real Estate Education Programme - Overcoming Intercultural Problems in Student Teams
  • Pichet, Eric: Higher Education in Real Estate and Responses to Revolution in Real Estate Jobs
  • Tyler, Steven B. and Fleming, A.: Embedding Employability in the Postgraduate Real Estate Education Experience: A Case Study of Intent

05.12.2009 - 11:00-11:30 [near Boecklsaal]

  • Coffee Break

05.12.2009 - 11:30-12:30 [Boecklsaal]

  • The Demand for and the Supply of Real Estate Education in Europe - B [Session chair: Paloma Taltavull]
  • Arslanli, Kerem: Real Estate Education in Turkey
  • Sipos, Ciprian; Buglea, Alexandru and Munteanu, Valentin: The Evolution and Challenges for Real Estate Education in the Western Region of Romania
  • D'Arcy, Eamonn: The ERES Doctoral Network - Creating a New Forum for Engagement

05.12.2009 - 12:30-14:00 [Nelsons]

  • Lunch and Farewell