Economic, social and environmental factors have a substantial impact on the performance of the commercial property market in Europe. Quantitative and qualitative factors such as globalization, monetary and fiscal policies or investors` expectations, influence property market dynamics, specifically extensive market fluctuations. However, the literature on property investment environments in Europe, reveals that some European countries exercise fitting management of property market fluctuations through various policies, these applicable at a national level. As such, there is the need to recognize and share successful policy and apply the best practice across the Europe.

This presentation discusses research involving a comparative analysis of office market dynamics and related policies, which can impact market fluctuations in the UK, Sweden, Germany and France. A list of criteria which represent healthy office market conditions and promote successful property investment, have been determined and will also be discussed. The criteria have been established following a critical analysis of the literature and primary research (a survey for professionals). A mix of methods were applied to establish the significance of said criteria. The intermediate results from this research will inform further research to establish a framework for a sustainable commercial property market in the UK.