The importance of technology, preliminary with regard to IT, cannot be overestimated. Problems arise since the number of curriculums in which IT starts to be a distinct element is still small. This is the case in Estonia where the real estate based curriculum is general on the first level of higher education and on the second level of education is lacking the required space for teaching effective IT-linked subjects. On both the Bachelor and on the Master of Science level detailed due diligence applications and also a good knowledge of market requirements are required, which will help to balance the existing subjects and curriculum with a growing impact of IT and technological innovations. In this case, the current approach gives an answer in which way the technological application should be approved and proceed with minimal efforts and disturbance of already established curriculums. In spite of keeping the existing real estate curriculums engine, the new contents should be applied and arranged as inputs into specific subjects but also as some new subjects or practices. The linkage between the academic education and LLL serves as one of possible instruments for solving the problem. Also, the other trends while current attributes are mixed with future solutions need to be analyzed. The presentation gives an answer and recommendations how involve IT in an interdisciplinary framework.