Pregnancy is another stage of life after marriage. Normal pregnancy takes 38 to 42 weeks which results in the birth of an infant. After the delivery, postnatal care is practiced to restore mother’s balance and health and to avoid illnesses in future. Support, assistance, health care, right nutrition’s and knowledge sharing are very important to the new mother during the postnatal care. Besides, postnatal care has been a trend due to changes in economic and financial position, high fatality rate among women and new born, high postpartum cases as well as demographic changes. In Malaysia, there are various confinement centre that was set up to take care of the new mother and new-born baby. Thus, this paper discussed the factors influencing the choice of confinement centre among women in Klang Valley. 100 sets of questionnaires have been distributed to the female respondents in Klang Valley, aged between 18-50 years old. The finding can be used a reference for a business operator to retain the customer loyalty and becomes more competitive in the confinement centre business market.