Workspace change projects are complex, not only in their design and preparation (e.g. initiating, planning, and managing the change processes), but also in their implementation and steering them towards their objectives. Starting with goal definition and the determination of key performance indicators (KPIs), an accompanying evaluation needs to be established at the very beginning and be continuously applied. Subject of the evaluation concept are the workspace design, including involved actors and performance parameters on the one hand, and the process of implementation with its change management aspects on the other hand.

A concept for such a holistic workspace change project evaluation has been developed, based on marketing research tools, controlling system components and change management recommendations. It covers the named two areas of workspace change projects – design and implementation – and also considers their interaction. 

Effective evaluation uses the principles of effective controlling and should be set up accordingly, only with workspace-specific aspects and KPIs: It starts with collecting relevant information regarding the goals attached to the workspace change project and the current situation, analyses this information to identify the gaps intended to be closed by the project, supports management at decision making by providing it with current information of project and processes, suggests steering measures when the project threatens to stray from the planned path, and finally checks  the results in regards to the old and/or adapted goals. Equally important is continuously involving the users and „feeling the organization's pulse“ during the project. 

The holistic evaluation concept suggests a respective guideline for evaluation, with measures/instruments, indicators, and timing that supports the organization to achieve their goals associated with the workspace change project.