The world is ageing and so does Asia countries, which ageing even faster including Malaysia. Malaysia is predicted to become an aging nation by the year of 2030. Most of the elderly prefer to age in place. Besides, less elderly lives with their children thus placing them in an independent living. The death of the spouse could also put the elderly in the same situation. Housing is a basic human need. It is believed that human must have a home before they can think about anything else. Furthermore, housing can be a major indicator of well-being for persons of all ages from all backgrounds including the elderly. However, homes sometimes can be a death trap for the elderly. They tend to trip, slip and fall in their home as they are becoming frail and fragile as time goes by. Meantime, the elderly tends to feel isolated from the community and lead them to loneliness.

In the context of increasing elderly populations, there is concern that issues relating to provide housing attributes that can assist the elderly to age in place. With respect to that, this research aims to identify the appropriate housing attributes for the elderly to age in place. Together in this research, researcher will be focusing on the apartments and condominiums. Through this research, Malaysian Standard MS1184:2004 and Sri Seronok Retirement Village are the benchmark to other 4 case studies within Klang Valley which are occupied by elderly who wish to age in place.