The study looked at different energy efficiency practices specifically within the facilities management sector and ascertained barriers to adopting energy efficient strategies, it further explored the factors that promote the employment of energy efficient practices. This data was gathered from a purposive sample of 50 facilities professionals through an online survey. Energy efficient lighting and equipment are mostly used energy efficiency practices. It further uncovered that occupant engagement and education is considered least, amongst current energy efficiency practices. This study revealed that the biggest barrier to the implementation of energy efficient facilities management practices is the cost implication of adopting FM strategies and rated the lowest were policies and regulations of energy efficiency standards.  Cost reduction is the highest rated factor that promotes energy efficiency practices. This study recommends that businesses disregard the initial financial implications of adopting energy efficient strategies in light of the long term benefits and to engage with end users as this could also lead to better facilities management with the information they provide. This study also suggests that awareness of some practices can also improve facilities management practices in the Johannesburg area.