Performing a literature search and acquiring the physical copies was a couple of decades ago connected with noticeable personal efforts. A user had at first to consult the paper-based catalogue of a library (locally!), to make a choice and to invest some time to get the desired pieces of work at hand.

Educators are nowadays facing a steadily growing number of publications and this deployment goes along with a rather easy way of obtaining. In fact one could state a situation of potentially being ""overnewsed"" but in the same moment being ""underinformed"". Nonetheless, the amount of time dedicated to study the outcome of these retrieval activities seems to be rather constant over time. Practically spoken, the matter of relevance is getting more important and narrowing down the number of retrieved search hits seems to ask for adequate attention.

In the framework of this submission, issues from an educator's point of view will be highlighted, such as the collectioning of real estate literature for course work. Furthermore, the extended use and ""manipulation"" of a university library catalogue with be highlighted, as well as issues regarding access to full text entities. In addition, managing and sharing research entities is supported by several software applications. Finally, the interaction with dedicated repositories (e.g. and databases will be elaborated upon.