Through the use of existing literature and desk research from academia and practice, this paper will outline the degree to which there is a difference between the terms ‘Green Leasing’ and ‘Green Leases’ in academic and practice. Over the past decade, Green Leases have become an increasing recognised and applied method by which to improve the sustainability of building stock. However, a lack of research into the differences in the terms ‘leasing’ and ‘leases’ has the potential to stifle a consistent use of terms. This paper endeavours to better establish this difference in order provide credibility in the usage of both terms.

The data for this paper was accumulated through sourcing academic literature (mainly from academic peer reviewed journals) where Green Leasing and Green Leases are of a primary or substantial focus. The paper will establish how each paper uses each term contextually. Practice based literature will be sourced and analyse similarly in order to establish better definitions of Green Leases and Green Leasing.

Key findings
This paper establishes that (with some noted exceptions), that the terms Green Leases and Green Leases are used in both forms of literature in a manner that is relatively close to the dictionary definition terms of ‘Lease’ and ‘Leasing’. With these findings in mind, it is established that a Green Lease is the lease document itself, whilst Green Leasing  is the process of renting and operating a rented sustainable building that may or may not have a Green Lease.

Impact of Study
This study has the potential to impact terminological uses of both terms in order to provide consistence that will benefit both market penetration and academic research and dissemination. This study is also applicable outside the field of real estate, as it also has a relevant to the study and practice of law, CSR, architecture and the study of the built environment more broadly.