Over the past decades, the usage of mobile technology increased and the attitude towards work changed, which made it possible to work anywhere at any time. However, workers are still looking for work environments that stimulate the work/life balance, networking and collaboration possibilities. This had led to the growing popularity of coworking spaces.

Still little is known about the specific preferences of users of these coworking spaces. The aim of this research is therefore to analyze user preferences for coworking space characteristics.

Stated choice data was collected by means of a questionnaire with 9 choice sets that was completed by 219 respondents of 16 coworking spaces in the Netherlands. In addition, respondents were asked about socio-demographic characteristics, work-related characteristics and their motivations to work at a coworking space. A mixed logit model was used to analyze the user preferences.

Results provide owners or managers of coworking spaces with more insight about the preferences of users of coworking spaces. They could adapt to these preferences by offering coworking spaces with diverse workspaces, facilities and services.