Measuring the level of risk remains a fundamental issue in the context of the investment undertaken. There is a widespread belief that money market it is the safest, then the real estate market and at the end, the least secure a capital market. The author decided to check on the actual data by analyzing the rate of return and the level of security in those three markets for the last ten years. The subject remains valid especially in the context of indirect investment, such as in real estate and other assets. Loss of property funds are touching investors in Poland so far. To carry out the study there will be used descriptive statistics, risk measures, and an analysis of equality of means ANNOVA.

Article will be divided into two parts, the theoretical part will be described studied markets and instruments with recall relevant scientific literature which deals with the mentioned problems. In the next part the author makes a critical analysis of quantifiable risk measurement methods, indicating that markets may also be uncertainty disturbing sometimes the perspective for the investor.

In the last part of the research there will be analyze of the markets using a comparative statistical methods which allow for effective verification formulated hypothesis.