Stratified residential property management, one of the sub-sectors of the real estate industry in Malaysia, has been facing the pressures as the awareness amongst buildings occupiers of effective management has increased. In line with recent literature on the increasing awareness of residents and the critically needs of effective property management, efforts are required to identify and clarify the critical activities and its attributes in managing the stratified residential properties that could effects the property management service delivery. This study used the partial least squares (PLS) and structural equation modeling (SEM) and followed by Importance-Performance Matrix Analysis (IPMA) to examine the 11 activities and their attributes. There were 11 activities and each of them consists of attributes that played as measurement variables that were believed could affect the property management. The IPMA results indicated that maintenance and financial is the key activities that critically affect the stratified residential property management service delivery. Interestingly, it is also found that tenancy & marketing negatively affect the property management service as tenancy and marketing services are not major services for the residential property. It is believed that an identification of the critical attributes for stratified residential property management will lead to more effective and efficient in service delivery