In recent times, there have been a series of significant terrorist events in major cities internationally. These attacks have resulted in substantial loss of life, property damage and financial loss, reputational damage and breaking down of societal relations. One of the primary targets of these attacks is crowded places/ commercial real estate developments (transportation hubs; hotels; entertainment venues; sporting arenas; restaurants; and other urban developments). As a consequence, new research is required on how best to protect such developments going forward with this research designed to contribute significantly to the protection of real estate assets.

The purpose of this research is threefold:

  • It is designed to understand the current consideration of counter terrorism protective security in the real estate development process;
  • It will ascertain the barriers to implementing counter terrorism measures; and
  • It will identify how counter terrorism security measures could be introduced, including at what stage, in future significant real estate developments.

The impact and significance of this research is important for the informing of future counter terrorism protective security policy in the UK, US and Australia, hence the need to take expert opinion from key stakeholders in the respective jurisdiction.