In India it is usually found that the general construction practices are a source for many waste/unused materials that become a liability at the end of the construction process and are normally dumped at landfill sites causing erosion of the soil and the ground strata. Even the smallest of the construction sites are ultimately having a number of unused and waste items such as the rubble, bricks (new and broken), sand, cement, steel, paints, pipes, plumbing items, wires, switches, etc. This kind of wastage happens mainly due to the fact that in construction activity a certain quantity is accounted as breakage and hence some portion, however insignificant, of the total ordered quantity is always left unused/partially used or in damaged condition.

This Research shall attempt to arrive upon the following:

  1. What is the quantum of these wastes – in proportion to the total area built??
  2. What are the kind of materials that are most often available during and post construction as wastes that finally get dumped on a land-fill area?
  3. How these materials can be effectively used:
  • a.Within the site that is producing these wastes?
  • b.What are alternative building blocks that can be produced from these wastes?
  • c.For third-party benefit