Extensive research on benefits (economic health and environmental) of sustainable office buildings does not cover sufficiently buildings’ impact on urban sustainability. Even though the multi-aspect impact of built environment on cities’ development is a well-known and broadly discussed phenomena and encompasses, among others, transportation issues, access to urban amenities, urban functions, land use, natural environment protection, health, quality of life and local economy.

Creating and improving local conditions for living and investing is the responsibility of local governments. In Poland, planning tools like land-use planning isn’t obligatory for municipalities to elaborate, and it is perceived as intentional activity or additional initiative taken to stimulate local development.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the links between sustainable urban development, planning policies and office site location decisions making process of real estate investors and conceptualize a model of a green building location that meets real estate investors’ needs and requirements of urban sustainability.

Criteria adopted for best-sustainable locations were elaborated on the basis of literature on urban sustainability and on office locational choices

To determine most sustainable location of office buildings and to evaluate sustainable neighborhoods, we conducted analysis in GIS and calculated selected metrics (mixed land-use, walkability and clean transportation accessibility). In the next step we conducted semi-structured, in-depth interviews with investors engaged in sustainable office development projects in Cracow, asking them to define decision-making criteria of office building location.

Conclusions from application of the model of office location and confrontation it with locations of existing office buildings in Cracow, could enhance sustainability of office buildings measured from sustainable urban development perspective and represented by buildings’ locations, and could contribute to better effectiveness of planning policy tools.