Since 2000 training in real estate in the Eastern African Region has undergone significant changes with institutions of higher learning embarking on review of their existing curriculum to reflect the emerging trends and challenges in real estate investment. This paper will review the various efforts undertaken in Eastern African Institutions of Higher learning and Universities offering professional degree programmes and courses in real estate. This assessment will be guided by examining the global world trends in trainings in real estate courses and especially the main focus of enhancing real estate knowledge and professional practice standards. The paper will highlight the professional standards promoted by various international real estate professional institutions in European, American and Canadian, British and commonwealth countries. The paper will also focus on the examination of the linkages between the training in real estate at higher institutions of learning and the concurrent desire to uphold professional standards in various real state practices and how the eastern African regional institutions can adopt the new trends in real estate training and capacity building for real estate investment. In conclusion this paper will show that enhancing standards and international benchmarking of training in real estate will significantly enhance the real estate investment potential in the economies of most of the East African countries