The research investigates the role of decision-support technology and administrative/valuation process improvements in government departments. The research question is the extent to which technical managerial blueprints can improve governmental processes, operations and work environments. Management science, the dissemination of international standards and supportive technical strategies can help build collaborative communities of professional practice in valuation departments. Practical steps to tighten valuation practices involve human resources management (systems and training), operations management, knowledgemanagement/ expert systems. After an initial analytical review of institutional performance, the operational phase involves active, embedded research to gather data from three sources: 1) archival material, 2) grounded observations and 3) expert interviews. First, we document the valuation processes within the Dubai Land Department and Sharjah City Municipality. Second, we record video and audio diaries to document valuation processes/meetings within the case study institutions. Finally, we interview a range of stakeholders, including top management, employees, engineers, agents and clients. We collect and analyse the triangulated data using NVivo, looking for emerging multi-criteria themes around strategic goals, organisational culture, valuation/management process and governance. The research helps to identify strategic, cultural and operational performance issues and suggests pathways to tighten valuation practices in developing markets.