This study examines the impact the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) exerts on the relocation decisions of families that have children attending the school. The school draws students from a relatively wide geographic area, and hundreds of families (669) have moved closer to Santa Ana after enrolling a child in the school. A substantial fraction (97) of these families moved from a non-Santa Ana address into the city. Closer examination of these relocation decisions reveals families who live near the school are substantially less likely to relocate than families who live farther away. Additionally, while students matriculate into the school in grades 7 through 12, the observed relocation attraction is particularly strong for families enrolling a child at the beginning of the 9th grade. The reasons for the high level of attraction for 9th graders are not entirely clear. As such, this final result calls for further research as it may have significant implications for how school-choice programs in general, and arts-based programs in particular, should be structured if one of the policy goals is to catalyze redevelopment of the urban environment.