The property markets increasingly are defined by new perspectives, which challenge, even obsolete past thinking. Whereas once markets might have been evaluated in terms of populations by cities, or countries, new place thinking has challenged traditional models.

Some, such as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg asserts that the city is a far more significant political unit than his state or country. The emergence of regional blocks, specifically the European Union, dominates countries. More and more, cities are larger and more influential than many countries. The most significant and powerful states exert more economic influence than do many countries. Further, new types of organizations emerge, that command more comparable if not more loyalty than traditional places and exert greater influence in many influences than traditional physical places.

Identifying the forces that have led to new place organizations and then considering a new place influence power ranking offers important insights to those in property involvements. Portfolio managers may think very differently about how to assemble a diversified portfolio. Property service enterprises may view markets differently than they might have previously. Professionals seeking opportunities for jobs and new business may look at the markets in different ways.