Fundamental approach of the question is about how we specify the area and how we cover it with analyze of educational situation. For moving forward, is possible to use diversification of Emerald Publisher arising from different scientific journals and named, as the place like „built environment“ as a possible synonymous of “real estate”. Lastly named makes possible to view a greater picture differentiating the figures of nature-mort, picture in corpore, then the passe-partout, the frame and finally the wall of exhibition room. Given abstract stands clearer while we make the pairs of synthetically synonyms in following: Wall as trans-disciplinary, frame as inter-disciplinary, passe-partout as multi-disciplinary, picture in corpore as curriculum and finally figures of nature-mort as different subjects and/or professors. The expectations of built environment as market are linked with multiplicity of market area’s subdivisions and the list of possible work areas of professionals, with note that mostly the professions are/or should be certified as professional qualification. The lastly named describes probably the most acute and urgent hope of market to receive from universities not only highly educated young people, but to receive them with clear vision and preliminary profession without the change of university or curricula into vocational paradigm. The discussion is about more detailed portray of expectations according the current development of built environment.