Buildings condition assessment as part of appraisal procedure or an independent procedure, as a solution for professional activity opens up the historical question in a new light and makes it with supplement that the story is not about to do or not to do, but about a sub-activity of independent procedure. In current development is possible to follow the both directions of the question, while the assessment during the appraisal procedure has a double nature, so as may be filled by the appraiser itself or as a sub-activity made by other professional. On the other hand, the buildings condition assessment is an independent one and strongly linked with the customer’s brief for assessment, while the earlier described and valuation based, is only one part of customer’s brief for appraisal. Last situation do not point clearly the role and position of assessment in the discussion and conclusion gave in the summary of appraisal report, contrariwise, the independent assessment underlines an assessment as a mainstream of building conditions explanation. Author’s praxis of co-operation with courts considerably shows that the more clear and acceptable results of buildings condition are scored while we deal with independent procedure. The independency of procedure and linked with it co-activities as part of current contest of Building Code are supporting the target of approach.