On the occasion of ERES 2011 the issue of access to thesis work along with issues of visibility and accessibility was for the first time in the focus of attention. The main question in this regard is whether completed master theses are made publicly available by universities, and, if so, to what extent and by which means.

Several degrees of access can be identified. The lowest level is to be characterized by disseminating basic bibliographic data, such as title, author and year of publication. However, this allows only to document that a certain thesis exists. More preferably also an abstract is made available. It can be assumed that the final approved full version must be handed in as hardcopy and/or digital (PDF-) file. The latter allows for storage on the internet or in a library catalogue. As a matter of principle certain limitations on access can be executed. For example, only users within the university domain are allowed access to the full text versions.

This contribution will deliver an update on the current state of the art and is considered to offer thought-provoking impulses possibly leading to the emulation of enhanced access at the own institution.