Methodology of multi-criteria analysis allows you to talk mileage and create a description of the phenomena of a complex nature. Multi-criteria analysis turns out to be especially useful in modeling situations when at the same time there are conflicting or competing attributes, where high achievement of one criterion (purpose attribute) may entail lower realization of another criterion (or attribute). In particular, multi-position, complex assessments of market phenomenon requires advanced methods of computer aided. The author proposes the use of multi-criteria evaluation in the construction of market (social) housing image and attractiveness of stocks in this market. The rating takes into account the attributes of apartments and their proximal and distal environment, which reflects the actual perception of resources by market participants (users homes). Usage acquired in this modern way of knowledge allows you to fully map the market, which can be used during the construction of effective housing policies and planning of housing projects as well as residential real estate valuation process. The article positively verified the possibility of using PROMETHEE method in the field of multi-criteria analysis of housing market in one of the largest cities in western Poland - Poznan. The research was carried out in mid-2015 years based on a representative sample of respondents (over 2,500 inhabitants), while building the knowledge base necessary for the formulation of a new housing policy Poznan. This article aims to discuss and verify the possibility of using multi-criteria analysis for the purpose of broadening the spectrum of knowledge about the attractiveness of resources and the environment in the housing market. The specific objective is also to show the potential of the proposed methods in modeling the housing policy and in the process of property valuation - especially when accurate and informed market analysis.