Islamic REITs (I-REITs) has been established in Malaysia since 10 years ago. The introduction of I-REITs has offer alternative investment vehicle especially in property portfolio management. Since then, several researches have been done to explore the potential of I-REITs in many aspects such as performance, diversification and risk analyses. Discussion on performance analysis about the REIT studies has become extensive and become more deeper. Development of REIT in Malaysia is the foundations of beginning of Islamic REIT in the world. As such it is important to assess every angle of the I-REITs in various aspects in order to know the significance of I-REITs in property portfolio investment. The purpose of this paper is to examine the linkages between I-REITs and conventional REITs (C-REITs) specifically in Malaysia as Malaysia is the first country to introduce I-REITs. As such it is interesting to assess the linkages for both REITs. Furthermore, a range of key property investment issues will also be assessed particularly on I-REITs including lead/lag relationship and structural efficiency.