The online/blended course Energy Friendly Renovation Processes will provide its participants from the building sector and Master students with pioneering knowledge about ambitious energy-saving refurbishment projects within the existing housing stock. Energy Friendly Renovation Processes is a unique course with interesting interaction between professionals and Master students. By offering course simultaneously to professionals and Master students and by creating a platform and facilitating three real life sessions these two can engage in a dialogue, an interesting interaction for both parties arises. In the online environment success factors will be discussed, by means of concise knowledge videos and accompanying questions, in relation to the energy saving issue within existing neighbourhoods and dwellings. The course pays attention to technical and financial factors, however the main focus lies on other success factors like the skills to work with various parties with different interests on ambitious goals. Each week the students apply the new knowledge on a case study in a group. These cases are based on current issues that participants from the building sector face in the real world, so as to simulate the process that is taken place in real projects.