The purpose of this Ph.D. research is to systematically investigate the factors which influence the international competitiveness of Chinese Construction Firms (CCFs). The research is conducted in conceptual, empirical, corroboratory and reflexive phases using a combination of secondary and primary sources. Secondary data and questionnaire responses are analysed statistically but case study observations and corroboratory interviews are handled qualitatively.

To address the research aim, specific research objectives are set:

1. Identify the Chinese construction firms’ problem and outline a pathway for a complete answer to it.

2. Undertake a systematic literature review of notions of competitiveness in various fields to develop a conceptual framework of CCFs.

3. Conduct a preliminary desktop review of global construction firm best practices, comparing successful with unsuccessful firms.

4. Describe the methodology for a complete answer to the Chinese construction firm question.

5. Analyse CCFs’ Key Performance of Indicators (KPIs).

6. Apply the exploratory knowledge to fine-tune the preliminary model of international competitiveness of CCFs.

7. Operationally test the refined CCFs’ international competitiveness model against a combination of quantitative and qualitative research evidence.

8. Conduct focus group meeting to consider institutional, cultural, geographical, political and religious issues which could moderate CCFs’ international competitiveness._9.Distil research findings and make key policy recommendations.

The combination of desktop secondary research, analysis of KPIs, case studies, surveys and interviews will provide a complete answer to the research question of what factors influence the international competitiveness of Chinese construction firms.