Real estate education is a unique program specifically develops to educate and equip students with strong knowledge and principle of Real Estate that lead to and sustain a productive Real Estate based career in future. The direction of real estate education necessitates an important emphasis on the managerial, empirical and decision-making aspects of the respective industry. INSPEN is established with a function to execute educational programs with a particular emphasis on the needs and wants of the aforesaid industry. The vision of INSPEN is to realize a high quality form of education and diversification of skills in career in real estate through basic real estate education at the aforementioned establishment. Therefore, the study to aim the relevancy of existing subjects in meeting the current and future direction of real estate education provided by INSPEN certificate programs and to fill a lack or gap on generic skills and knowledge outcome from industrial perspective and students' experiences. The results indicate that Real Estate Valuation was the most important subject from the participating graduates and industry professionals respectively and the following the subject was Industrial Training. Technical knowledge recorded a somewhat higher score with an advantage. On the other hand, a small difference of score was recorded for skills such as Mathematical competence, English fluency and writing eloquence. Four generic skills were in line with the future educational direction proposed by INSPEN for its certificate programs. There was also a suggestion that INSPEN should offer courses beyond the certificate level in partnership with universities and conduct part-time courses for working and non- working executives who are already in the real estate industry.