New ideas about working and the work environment have caused the business centre market to become more differentiated. Several new business centre concepts focus on other aspects than merely offering office space, such as a variety of services and facilities, support for enterprises to survive or grow, and help in creating working communities. However, the business centre market is still difficult to define, because it consists of several distinct types of properties and is formed by many different players. Some of the existing literature has attempted to classify the business centre market into several categories, but this has not yet resulted in a clear taxonomy of different business centre concepts and their characteristics. This study aims at developing such a taxonomy, based on data collected among business centres in the Netherlands. The data are collected by means of semi-structured interviews with real estate professionals. The findings of this study give a clear overview of existing business centre concepts, their characteristics and their (dis)similarities. These findings will help real estate owners and developers to make well-informed decisions about the type of business centres that they want to develop or invest in. In addition, the taxonomy arising from this study can also guide organizations in selecting the business centre that best fits their needs. The key contribution of this study is that it provides a taxonomy of the business centre landscape.