This study aims to examine the effects of public or private sector based urban investment on housing values which are in the environs of these kinds of investments. For this purpose, the study uses totally 13 parameters including 5 parameters related the properties of housing structure, 7 parameters related environmental properties and accessibility parameter. At the last 15 years, two regions are in the forefront where urban investments have important impact in Konya which can be seen as a catalyst for the rapid development of the city. For this reason, these areas were chosen as sample. The first sample area is at the north new-developing side of the city. This area has many new investments like shopping mall, gated housing projects, stadium, fairground etc. And, the second sample is at the east side of the city which has also many transformation areas and investments (law court, private university, hospital, urban park, shopping mall, etc). In this context, for measuring the structural and environmental properties of housing units, a total of 200 questionnaire was applied to the housing units by using random sampling technique. Information regarding economical values of housing units was obtained from real estate companies. These derived data were evaluated by statistically. In conclusion, the results from the evaluations showed that building age, housing unit size, density, safety-security, accessibility, having parking lots and having elevator parameters are significantly effective on housing values.