This research paper focuses on the practical use of real estate applications (RE-Apps) concerning the Austrian land register. Apps are small programmes on smartphones or tablets which are classified by their usage. One category is land register. After the app “iEigentum/xEigentum” by the company Beinhofer other regional clearing companies failed getting into the mobile market. With the app “LexioMobil” by the company Medix a new land register application was released in June 2014. The paper gives methodical comparison of land register applications available in Austria based on the results of a quantitative survey to determine user satisfaction and usability of real and effective users of this application. The aim of the paper is to identify the relevant factors influencing the user needs and to realize ways of using mobile land register apps to improve the customer information and usability. The field of applications for real estate is not well explored, especially quantitative explorations are not existing for the Austrian market. This paper covers a structural and technological overview and a market potential analysis of apps for the use of land register databases with a conclusion of expected future developments in this field.