The climate change and an increased awareness of environmental questions have led to much tougher environmental laws globally. In accordance with the Kyoto treaty is striving hard to fulfil its environmental obligations.

Increasingly stringent environmental laws and soaring energy prices are therefore forcing the Real Estate sector to respond. While new buildings must comply with the new regulations, older buildings need to be upgraded as well; that means ÒgreeningÓ existing properties becomes a political and commercial priority. When improvements are necessitated in existing properties, the new regulations force the owners to upgrade the building to the higher standards.

This paper researches and analyses these environmental issues relevant to the house buyers, vendors, tenants, and landlords to determine the importance of sustainable housing to the general public.

The paper is based on a national empirical survey from spring 2005; the paper also compares and analyses data from six different surveys (from 2009 to 2015) carried out by the author.